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History :


- In April 1999 the association « Japan-Martinique-Guadeloupe( AJMG) was created in Kyoto.


- The company is located at: 602-8314 Kyoto-Shi Kamigyo-ku Satake Cho 121-3 KYOTO


Our objectives:


- Develop and strengthen the bounds created between Japan, Martinique and Guadeloupe (economic partnership)


- Make known the West Indies with different types of exchanges ( cultural, gastronomic)


- Develop educational exchanges and our relationship with Japanese companies with the help of internship or training courses.

The history of this association redraw a significant part of my life. In fact, I’ve left Martinique in 1998 with the objective to become fluent in Japanese. As soon as I came here, I’ve understood the necessity to bring my island and my culture to the fore. At this moment, for the Japanese society, Martinique didn’t exist. I was born in Basse-Pointe with the sound of the drum, the Bèlè and the Mornes’ dance. Strangely it is this deep Martinique that was existing inside of me that allowed  to create a key to open the heart of the Japanese society. I did so by giving some traditional dance courses ( bèlè, biguine, belya.) That’s how the Japan-Martinique association was born in April 1999 and then became the association Japan-Martinique-Guadeloupe(AJMG) in 2010.


2)Our realizations:


2.1) Business trip for Japanese entrepreneurs


It’s been more than 8 years that the association Japan-Martinique and then Japan-Martinique-Guadeloupe go in Martinique and in Guadeloupe with some Japanese entrepreneurs who wish to discover Martinique, its culture and traditions. Also this business trips organized by the association help to create economic and commercial partnership between Japanese and people from Martinique ( for instance: creation of new companies in Martinique by Japanese)

2,2) Events


- Rum festival


- West Indies’ festival


-Conference in Kyoto and tribute to Aimé Césaire for his centenary


- Educational partnership: The JMGA ( Japan-Martinique-Guadeloupe Association which became Jimagine Japan in 2015) welcome and assist young students from Martinique and Guadeloupe who wish to do an internship in a Japanese company, we have some educational partnership with different school and senior school.


- Reception of the BELYA dance group from the Pomme-Canelle  Ballet.


- Realization of the first wedding between two Japanese in the Tartane’s beach ( Trinity) Martinique.


- Creation of a partnership between a Japanese CEO of a car dealership and a high school in Martinique ( Acajou 2 )

2.3) June 2015 : Creation of  Jimagine Japan corp.


a) JJCorp objectives:


- Welcome, lodge and place students in Japanese companies. We also provide a social accompaniment and individual support


- Creation of various partnership with private or public institutions


- Welcome and provide and individual support to Japanese entrepreneurs in Martinique


- Commercial prospection for companies or professional



“Imagine Japan Corporation: A strong will and ambition for shared relationships between the West Indies and Japan” ( Pied de page)


Resources: Our structure 



François REGINA: President


Shiho YAMAWAKE: Director


Léopold Jupiter: In charge of Paris competence center



2,4) A network: Our Japanese partners



- Kyoto’s international center of cultural exchange of KEAGE ( KYOTO)


- OMIYA hostel ( Kyoto)










- KYOTO’s and SHIGA’s chambers of commerce







2,5) Accomplishment:

- Japanese interest and craze for our activities


- Complete satisfaction from Japanese companies which are ready and wish to hire more interns from the West Indies


- We have organized different festivals that dealt with rum or linked with the West Indies and now Japanese entrepreneurs wish to sustain the different festivals that we have organized.


- Tribute to Aimé Césaire in 2013 for the century of his birth. The tribute was organized in collaboration with the French Institute of Kansai and UAG


- Fruitful exchanges with economic actors who now wish to create different types of partnerships.

J imagine Japan Corporation


607-8423 Kyoto City, Yamashina-Ku 24-6 Yamanotani Misasagi JAPAN


Skype : ajmgkyoto

Téléphone :   (+81) 80-9167-0972

10:00 - 17:00  (Lundi - Vendredi) heure japonaise

E-mail: jimaginejapan@gmail.com

HP : http://www.jimaginejapan.com/

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